Best Deals: Products I Recommend

On this blog I mention products and services which I personally use and recommend.

Travel Products

I travel ALOT. In the last year, during covid even, I spend 85 hotel nights. Not many people spend that much time exploring and traveling. These are the tools which make travel easier and more pleasurable.

Osprey backpacks – I used to think all Packs were basically the same, and often the do look the same, but now i use NOTHING but Osprey. The quality difference is worth it. (My favorite is the Osprey Porter 46, It is the ultimate Travel Hack airplane carryon bag)

Hiking Gear – shoes, poles, crampons, headlight, layers layers layers. You will enjoy hiking 500% more if you have all these 5 items before you go.

Shorts – ok these lines shorts are the best travel shorts around for many reasons. (they are dark colored, quick dry, comfortable liner, zippered pockets are a must, both elastic waistband plus a drawsting). Every guy needs 6 of these.

LED flashlights – ultra bright led flashlights are a big deal. Here’s the ones I recommend, from cheap to premium depending on budget, don’t travel without one.

Travel Power Bar – this is a MUST have item, the number of times this has been a lifesaver is countless for me. Buy this now if you ever plan to travel. (Here’s why: flat plug for tight spaces, long braided cord, surge protection, 3 USB + 1 USB-c ports, 22.5w/4.5a charging power)

Packing Cubes – as a highly disorganized man, these have changed my travel life. Try them.

Publishing and Business Products

Website Hosting – this site is hosted at WHC, only because I am located in Canada and Godaddy and Bluehost are both inferior and slower hosting.

WordPress – this site is built using wordpress, i have it fyi but its the best option for this type of site at the present time.

Website – this site is designed using generatepress which is the fastest design of any wordpress site i could find, it really makes a difference, dont settle for any other.

Tools – for keyword research I use Google manually, a few free softwares, and these tools I recommend.

Education – most everything I have learned so far I have learned for free on Youtube and in my Twitter community of niche website friends. There are some courses which will save you dozens of hours searching and reading though. These are the ones I have found to be helpful and good value.

Sports Equipment

Kayak – I own 2 intex inflatable kayaks, they are the ideal item for those who cant transport or store long full sized plastic kayaks. I have tracked ALL of the best deals on these so have made a complete page with them in one place:

Complete Intex Inflatable Kayaks and Boats Deals

Bikes – we own and ride Specialized bikes. We had cheap retail brand bikes forever and had no idea that upgrading to higher quality would really make any noticable difference. It absolutely does. I think nobody should ride a cheap bike, this ones a great deal.

Health and Fitness

Vitamins – I take a handful of helpful vitamins and supplements daily. They have helped me lose 60lbs in 90 days, improved my overall health 100%, and got me in top physical health condition. I am certainly not qualified to give medical advice, but my life has changed since taking these.

Weightloss – I lost 60lbs in 90 days by improving my diet and exercising a small amount on a consistent and regular schedule. This is some of what helped me.