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Am I the King of Kensington?

Kensington Pub is an aptly named Calgary bar located just North and West of the Downtown Calgary core in the eclectic little artsy community of Kensington. Not a place that you are likely to find by chance, it caters mostly to neighbors in the area and those who are attending any of the many functions hosted by the neighborhood or the businesses located nearby. On this particular night we happened to be visiting the nearby theatre for an event so were looking to grab a quick bite to eat at any Calgary restaurant that was nearby.

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Calgary Neighborhood Pub

As luck would have it we ended up in the Kensington Pub, just because we happened to be parked very nearby and it was the first place we came upon. The place was hopping and very full of fun loving patrons. We wandered around a bit looking for a table and eventually found one way in the back room and around a corner. I was surprised how popular the place was.

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Local Bar in Calgary

The pub itself is in what seems to be an old converted residential building, the interior is choppy and a bunch of little rooms connected by a hallway, plus a loft area that holds a few extra tables squeezed into the attic space of a Calgary heritage house. The crowded and cozy interior helps lend to the atmosphere of the place but may not excite anyone looking for a private night out or intimate date.

kensington pub menu

Calgary Pubs and Bars

Our server was very prompt and friendly. We had drinks and menus in hand within minutes of being seated which was very impressive considering how full the Calgary bar was this night. The food selection was good, a nice mix of pub food traditionals and a few unique items that are not on most other Calgary pub menus. I will put up a pic of the menu and you can see for yourself some of the unique food options this little restaurant offers.

kensington pub food

Good Food in Calgary

I went with hot sizzling plate, because it seems that my default is always something Mexican or Asian food for some random reason. My amigas this evening had the nachos and the poutine, so a pretty good mix of items to get a taste for the variety of dishes on offer at the pub.

kensington pub nachos calgary

Best Pub in Calgary? Maybe

The food quality was very good. All of the items we ordered were of decent portion sizes, tasted good, and we had zero complaints. The prices weren’t out of line with other Calgary bars and overall I would say it was above average quality and quantity. Combine that with the decent service and I would say it scored very well on my personal food and drink opinion scale.

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Another Calgary Pub Review

We ate, paid the bill, and got out of the pub in time to make it to our nearby event at the Plaza Theatre across the street. One of the most decent neighborhood pub experiences that I have had recently in Calgary and little to criticize the place about. If I had to find things to note they wouldn’t be things that automatically are negatives, it would have to be that the Kensington Pub is tucked away off the main street so you need to know where you are going to find it (especially in the dark of night) and that due to its architectural design in a converted building space, the layout of the YYC Pub is a bit choppy and awkward.

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King Calgary LOVES to Shop Local

We will definitely hit up the Kensington Pub again when we next head to any event taking place in the neighborhood of Kensington. Another 5 star pub night out for King Calgary and friends, we look forward to trying more places soon. Feel free to reach out to us with a suggestion of a place to go or even an invitation to check out your place or event. We are out on the town enjoying the social scene in Calgary multiple times per week.

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