Bowness Park is Fun for Families

Where to take kids in Calgary?

Bowness Park is the place if you’re looking for a fun place to take your kids and get out of the house. This little place is a great hidden gem in the west part of Calgary that you may not have ever heard about. Located in the up and coming neighborhood of Bowness and running along the banks of the Bow River is the beautiful and busy little Bowness Park.

Bowness Park has a lot of amenities and is a great place to spend an afternoon. The park itself has lots of picnic tables, picnic shelters, fire pit, and recreational areas throughout. Many of these are right on the banks of the river, some are tucked in the trees, and a few can even host very large groups. It is a fantastic spot to take the kids for an outing and relax for a sunny afternoon in outdoor Calgary.

The park also features a Cafe for those who do not want to pack and bring their own picnic lunch, its not a bad place to feed the family, although not as good as the many Calgary Pubs and restaurants nearby. You can get enough of a variety of items from the Cafe to satisfy even the fussiest kids. While prices are not among the lowest prices in Calgary, they do have the basics one would expect from a snackbar style place.

Bowness Park Train

The highlight of the park has to be the passenger train that runs on real train tracks through the park. This little train allows visitors to ride on as adding the entire Bowness park. Check out how cool this train is, even better than the one that passes by the Calgary Tower.

Bowness also has several play areas and play ground equipment for the kids. They even have an accessible area and lots of places for parents to hangout and watch their kids.

Rent a boat in Bowness Park

Another very popular activity in the park is to rent a canoe or a paddle boat to float on the lake. There are lots of rental boats available so even when there is a line up the waiting isn’t too bad. This is the most fun you can have boating in Calgary other than rafting the Bow River.

Check out how fun and relaxing or looks to cruise this little lake on a paddle boat. It also makes a great romantic date activity for those who are looking to take their partner to do a unique activity.

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